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  • Dr Jon Clarke (Chiropractor)

Understanding Back Pain and Discover The Super Simple Solution to Reducing It....

Updated: Jul 6, 2020

...Or maybe even banishing it completely!*

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Diagnose Back Pain in Saltash

Dear Visitor, I am Dr Jonathan Clarke, Doctor of Chiropractic at Saltash Chiropractic Clinic and if you're visiting this post because you're in pain then I want to help you get out of it.

My expert team and I put together this quick-to-read article to help you discover and understand why you may be experiencing back pain and the steps you can take to try and reduce it (or even get rid of it completely) to live a more pain-free life both from home but also with professional help.

Back Pain is one of the Most Well-Known Reasons People Visit Doctors Each Year

In fact, it is said that 80% of adults in the UK will experience back pain at some point in their lives.  It also happens to be the most common cause of job-related disability and also accounts for more than 260 million lost workdays each year, with a cost to the NHS of £2.1 Billion ( 2008 Science Daily

Thankfully, just because you have back pain it doesn’t mean you have to suffer forever. There are measures you can take to avoid or soothe the back pain you are suffering. If these measures aren’t enough then there are Back Pain Specialists like us, at Saltash Chiropractic Clinic, who are more than happy to take a look and give you a noticeable reduction in pain within 14 days without surgery, pills or potions.  Speaking of surgery; we strongly believe the surgical treatment of back pain is rarely needed. If your doctor is suggesting you go under the knife we do recommend a second opinion - and we are more than happy to help! Surgery should always be a last resort. We have written this article for you; to help give you clarity and to understand what back pain is, why you may be experiencing it and much more importantly what you can do to reduce it and prevent it.  To understand how to reduce and prevent back pain it helps if you understand how your back works and functions. We know the chances are you are not a scientist so we have kept that in mind and written this article in plain English and tried to keep as much of the technical jargon out as possible.

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How Your Back Works

Your spine is a flexible but resilient part of your body. It helps give you support, balance and an upright posture when static, movement when your active, and it has to protect the spinal cord and nerve roots.  24 bones make up your spine, they are called vertebrae and they are joined together by spinal discs seating them one on top of the other. The discs are helped by numerous strong tendons, ligaments and muscles around them for support.  As we mature into adulthood, the structures of our spine, for example, joints, discs, and tendons, grow as well. The structures stay solid yet it's typical for our back to get stiffer as we get older, unless we take specific steps to prevent this. 3 Common Causes of Back Pain

1. Spondylosis (Adaptations As We Age) As we become older the bones, discs and tendons in the spine will adapt to mechanical stress, and weaken if overwhelmed. This happens to each and every one of us as it is a major part of getting older. Yet, it doesn’t need to be an issue and not everyone will get backache because of it.  Spondylosis is frequently known as spinal osteoarthritis.  Keeping the spine flexible, positioned correctly and the muscles around the spine and pelvis strong will lessen the effect of spondylosis. 2. Sciatica (Nerve Pain Down Your Leg & Lower Back) Backache can also be linked with pain in the legs (digestive issues, bladder problems and reproductive issues). If you suffer from Sciatica you may experience numbness, a shivering feeling or shooting/sharp pain. Although most people who suffer from Sciatica experience terrible leg pain and very rare back pain it is commonly caused due to a bulging disc that is pushing on the nerve.  Your discs naturally bulge so you can move your spine effectively, however, sometimes an excessive amount of bulging can get a nerve root and cause pain down the leg and into the foot.  The vast majority of people can recover from sciatica quite quickly with the right help. Careful exercise in conjunction with precise manual procedures to the injured part of your spine, delivered by a spinal specialist to treat the root of the problem, has been shown to be tremendously effective. 3. Spinal Stenosis Back problems are also linked with pain in the legs which begins after you start walking for a couple of minutes, and after that, it will show signs of improvement all round immediately when you sit down. This is called spinal stenosis. 

Spinal Stenosis can develop from birth or can occur when getting older. Pain is possible when something pushes on the little space in the spine that contain nerves. This space, which is known as the spinal canal or nerve root channel, can be pressed by bone, tendon, ligament or disc.  The pain generally shows signs of improvement when you rest. Like sciatica, the core problem will be leg problems and not necessarily back pain.

Diagnosing Your Back Pain

We Find The Cause and Correct it

Most physicians diagnose back pain through physical examination that depends on the patient’s medical history.  Although many believe scans and testing are rarely needed, here at Saltash Chiropractic Clinic our Chiropractor believes thorough testing and examination are essential to finding and understanding the root cause of your pain.  After all, if you don’t truly understand the cause how are you able to start making it better? Depending on the type of physician you see they may suggest some tests and scans to detect some other underlying causes. Examples include X-rays, Bone Scans, CT Scans, Electromyography, etc.