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Please take the time to read a few of the wonderful comments from some of our current patients below. Remember they too were questioning whether they should start their road to recovery with Chiropractic care just like you are now. Hopefully soon your comments will join theirs.



Meeting Jon, the Chiropractor - was my absolute salvation.


Fully dependant on anti-inflammatory capsules ( I simply could not exist without), suffering back and leg problems for more years than I remember, also being diagnosed with Leukaemia - giving me a very low immune system ( creating its own problems), I care for my husband Ken, who himself has health issues including Parkinsons Disease. It was at one of these Parkinsons meetings we met with Jon.


He gave an in-depth insight into the function of our spine and nervous system. This was a real awakening! As I'd never had any inclination to visit a chiropractor previously.


On this particular day - being on a very low ebb myself & barely able to walk - I desperately needed an appointment. The clinic is close to my home so getting there was easy. From the outset care plans and procedures were fully explained and no promises made - but hope and reassurance were given.


I had intensive and gentle care from the start. Now, where I had 'stooped' and had a poor gait (when attempting to walk any distance) I now stood tall and only occasionally limped and no longer take any anti-inflammatories.


At present visits are once a fortnight - soon to be of longer duration between visits. My final miracle was when I began to lose the numbness (I've had for years) in my toes.


I can't thank Jon and his team enough - Chiropractic has made my life worth living again.



Just a quick note to say thanks for your hard work during the past 2 years caring and looking after both my spine and the staff here at the surgery. Not only has this improved my physical activity but it has been tremendously helpful in understanding the work of chiropractic care.


I have been amazed how many of our patients have been under your care and seen you on a regular basis with several clients this joint management has been really helpful.


If you have other GP's that would like to speak to me about my experiences then I would be than happy to do so. 



I started receiving chiropractic care from Jon 8 weeks ago. I chose chiropractic care after 2 people that I had met were thrilled with their improvements after starting care at Saltash Chiropractic Clinic. I have experienced a gradual reduction in my symptoms which I have found very reassuring and I have understood, through their educational efforts that chiropractic can be a lifetime choice to maintain wellbeing and is not just a 5 minute fix. The results have occured at the expected rate and I look forward to future improvements as I continue my care.



Following two operations on a broken hip, I was experiencing almost permanent pain in the groin. One day I slipped on a step and jerked my back violently - the groin pain disappeared immediately and did not return until several days later. I mentioned this to my GP and he promptly referred me to Jon for chiropractic care. Yes... I was suprised too!


Now , a couple of months later, not only has the pain in my groin gone but I am sleeping better and the whole quality of my life has improved. I have noticed improvement in long standing heart, lung and digestive conditions and both myself and the GP can only put this down to the regular care I have been receiving at Saltash Chiropractic Clinic.


I would have absolutely no hestitation in recommending chiropractic care to anyone regardless of age despite having been sceptical myself of chiropractic prior to that fateful slip!



I am in my second week of chiropractic care after years of suffering discomfort. I have found the whole process - from initial enquiry through to starting care - very straight forward and very relaxed. The team are very welcoming and supportive and always make me feel at ease. The initial examination was thorough and time was taken to go through the results carefully at my second appointment so that I could make an informed decision about my care. I am starting to feel a difference during my second week - still a long way to go -  but I will certainly be sticking with it. 



As a family we visit Saltash Chiropractic Clinic on a regular basis, which is important to maintain the natural balance within the body. We find ourselves in a warm and welcoming environment when we see Jon, Marlaine and the team. Feel free to ask them questions as they always have time for us.


We have all had our fair share of problems over time due to our working environments and every day stress. Visiting Jon has kept our immune systems in good shape, preventing us from becoming ill, like we used to regularly. This keeps us working, in turn, keeping our employers happy. For those 'self-employed' remember there is, off course no 'sick-pay'!


All three of us have suffered with headaches and migraines, sinus problems and even hayfever, which now, after our regular visits to the practise, I have to say, have disappeared completely for some of us, and become far less frequent for others. Jon is always keen to highlight that Chiropractic isn't a cure for these conditions, but by maintaining a properly functioning nervous system our bodies simply work better.


For people that are interested in Chiropractic care I would urge you to attend a Wellness Induction with Jon and discover more about how it can make a profound difference to your health. Please remember, you don't have to suffer, and I hope our experience might encourage you to find out more.



I started attending after I heard a talk by Jon at my local club. I decided to give chiropractic a chance rather than keep on the painkiller tablets I was taking on a repeat prescription!


The first month I attended 2 to 3 times per week. By the end of the month I saw a big difference in the movement in my neck and spine. The pain in these areas was significantly reduced - and without any tablets! I found the treatment doesn't hurt, although sometimes in the beginning it felt slightly uncomfortable, as I was already in pain,- but certainly not painful. I'm sure that within a short time you to will experience the benefits it gives, just as I have.


The quality of my life has gone up, I sleep better, my energy levels are much higher and I feel good about myself. I hope you too experience the change and look forward to continuous good health and are rewarded with a better quality of life also. 


I have been having a  problem with my back with pins and needles going down my leg, since having a fall 2 years ago. I have attended the pain clinic and was given an injection, didn’t work. My GP was prescribing stronger painkillers but the pain was getting worse, making it difficult walking around and sleeping. My GP suggested a chiropractor may be able to help me.


My first appointment with Dr Jon was on the 15th March 2012, by then I was desperate and needed the help of the reception desk to stay upright. My words were ‘Please can you help me!’. My first appointment was to give me a thorough examination and photos were taken of my posture. A copy of the report and photos were then emailed to me.


After the initial phase of care a further assessment was done and it was decided I would try one or two treatments a week to see how I went on. Some weeks I feel that I am doing better than others, but I am hoping to return to a good quality of life. I enjoy walking and gardening.


I am now able to walk around more and I am more upright with my posture.  I still have disturbed nights, but the pain is getting less. I feel that chiropractic care has been of great benefit to me.”




My name is Bella, I am 7 and I have been having chiropractic for a year now. Before I had Chiropractic I used to have really bad asthma.  I was taking lots of medication.


This was four puffs of different inhalers morning and night, steroid tablets every day and also up my nose. I was not able to run in races because my chest hurt, but now I am running and I am coming first.

I also no longer take any medication for asthma. I feel so much better and happier.”




Four years ago, I developed a pain in my shoulder which was from time to time quite extreme. Over the years I had many appointments with the doctor, physiotherapists, osteopaths, had many Xrays and an ultrasound. I was diagnosed at different times with arthritis, bursitis and age-related degeneration of the top of my spine.


It may sound quite trivial but over the years the pain got worse and more insistent, and almost impossible to manage with pain killers. The pain spread down my arm and sometimes made me feel partly paralysed. I felt quite desperate to find a solution. I was in pain almost every day affecting travelling, driving, playing the piano, in fact my whole life.


Following a chance conversation with someone at my exercise class I contacted Saltash Chiropractic Clinic with a view that it was yet another ‘port of call’ that might not change anything but I was willing to give it a try.


I have now had 5 sessions of my ‘Care plan’ and although it is early days, I am already feeling the benefit of my treatment. My pain has reduced by 50% which is remarkable.


I do believe that this is the way forward, and I know that I need to continue this treatment as well as helping myself to a pain-free existence and a healthier life.




I commenced my care with my assessment on April 24th 2012. I was invited to attend via a benefit offered by my employer and the practice. Although there was nothing visibly wrong with me, I was very interested in the theory behind the practice.


As to the results, I can’t really comment on any improvement , although I am more relaxed and flexible in my shoulders and lower back area.


I do feel a kind of ‘release’ in theses areas after adjustments have taken place. I have my review today, which I am hopeful will point out any improvements, no matter how subtle.


I will continue the treatment as mentally I feel I do benefit.



I  started receiving  chiropractic care just over 5 weeks ago as I had heard about the many benefits it could offer.


At the start of care I was open-minded and have been very impressed by the results. My quality of life has improved, and I plan to continue with care.


I would recommend chiropractic care to anyone.




I first came across Dr Jon at the Woolwell Centre in Plymouth, where he was giving a presentation to a large audience of people. At first, I was hesitant to even enter the room, purely because I had researched chiropractors in the past and visited their clinical centres as well; where I was either made to feel like a faulty product which had expired the warranty cover, or that I was to blame for my medical conditions.


So from the very beginning of listening to Jon, he had been prejudged by me. He also had the proverbial mountain to climb, to even get me to sit down and listen to what he had to say. Sit down I did, as I listened to what he had said I thought to myself ‘why can’t other chiropractors think like this?’. Jon demonstrated two things I had never seen or heard before; these were a passion for what he does, and that he doesn’t offer or promise miracles.


This is when I decided that I wanted to learn more and see what he could offer, so I did and I haven’t looked back, purely because of his listening skills and his professionalism. Now both myself, and my whole family get checked at the clinic regularly.


I have only one regret, that I didn’t go to Dr Jon sooner. 




 I made a first appointment at Saltash Chiropractic Clinic with a wry neck, after a simple crick descended into agony. I’d had disabling problems with my neck for many years, and found that the slightest draft or sudden movement could set it off. I was also beginning to get a ‘dowager’s hump’ (about which I was distinctly unimpressed!). I’d put various other problems down to general ill- health, as I have M.E., such as chronic lower back pain on standing for any length of time and a shooting pain down from my hip when walking uphill.


However, when I had a full spinal assessment by Dr Jon it became apparent that I was well on my way to becoming Quasimodo! I discovered that the misalignment of my hips was to blame for the lower back pain and hip pain, which the chiropractic adjustments have improved immeasurably. My spine now looks much more normal, and regular appointments are now enabling me to maintain a much healthier neck.


I feel very positive that the chiropractic care given by Dr Jon has benefitted my health – after being written off in my Twenties by a physiotherapist who said my neck would never get any better.“



 I started treatment with Dr Jon early February 2015. We are all unique individuals, what caused my injuries, misalignment and neurological problems was unusual; my case history reads like a horror story. It was equally traumatic to live through, it landed me in hospital, ended a career that I loved, and wrecked my life.


For nearly 28 years I travelled from Cornwall to London trying to find a chiropractor/osteopath to help me. I could not find one I could have faith in, none seemed to understand my situation. I did not want to end up worse off through lack of understanding.


As the years passed my neurological problems got worse, and I was fearing for my future. It was during the   Autumn of 2014 that I attended Jon’s talk with my husband and sat in on his assessment and report, Dr Jon spoke the language I understood. Here on my doorstep I had found someone I could have faith and trust in, after having a long talk to him about my case history, Dr Jon was the first chiropractor I has spoken with who understood the problems I was having in my central nervous system. I knew from my own training that the body could not tell the difference from a physical blow and emotional hurt, it contracts in the same way.


I am on a journey which is in process. To date my physical balance is improving. Spinal nerves are no longer giving me the problems they once did. Very slowly my sleep is improving, I had a serious sleep disorder throughout my 28 year ordeal I never took any prescription drugs. I managed the best I could through nutrition, natural supplements and therapy.


I think my case pays Dr Jon a big compliment as his  approach to chiropractic brings hope to anyone like myself with complex issues.”




I began chiropractic treatment because of severe neck pains after falling on my head during a football accident. Before I started treatment these severe neck pains wouldn’t go away, they subsided slightly but then the pain came back just as bad as before, and it felt like my whole life, not just my job, was being affected. I had tried physio and ibuprofen for a sustained period however these chronic neck pains went on for over a month and showed no signs of getting better.


Dr Jon was recommended to me by many people using the gym I work in as they had received great care and treatment. At the beginning Dr Jon made me feel very comfortable and took me through step-by-step how his practise works and the treatment I would receive  after a thorough investigation of my personal issues. He went through everything involved with my care plan before I decided whether chiropractic treatment was for me.


Within 2-3 weeks of seeing Dr Jon and having regular adjustments my neck pain was gone, also the headaches and colds that I thought were just regular things that happen once in a while were gone too. 


Even after 5 months of treatment and no neck pain at all I still see my chiropractor, obviously not as often as when starting my treatment, but that’s the program he has put me on, assessing my recovery on a week to week basis.


I have had such a boost in all facets of my life and have learnt a lot since joining his practise. The main thing I have learnt is that I don’t know a single person who wouldn’t benefit from seeing my chiropractor for chiropractic treatment, I’d personally like to thank him for the treatment I have received.




I  started receiving care 12 months ago. I frequently suffered from migraines and was becoming fed up with constantly taking pain relief which wasn’t working.


As soon as I received treatment, I instantly felt relief, as if I could say I felt myself again. Although my headaches still occur, they are far less frequent. I am finding now that I can take 2 paracetamol and the problem is resolved whereas before treatment this was never the case.


My sleep pattern has also improved greatly, this instantly allows me to feel more motivated to take on daily challenges.


I can safely say that I would recommend chiropractic care to anyone. If money was no object I would love this treatment every single day, I feel amazing every time I walk away from this practice.”




 I was introduced to Dr Jon in August 2014 by 2 very caring friends, both patients of his. They begged me to see him. I was in mental and physical breakdown mode after 3 years of pelvic pain , my G.P. and consultant tried many attempts to help  but all the tests and scans were inconclusive.


In the year 2013-2014 I was seen by 5 consultants and was finally diagnosed with a very rare condition known as pelvic neuropathy. This was so rare there were only 2 specialists available: one in London, and one in Switzerland! I was prescribed very powerful painkillers which only doubled my troubles as I was intolerant to them.


Upon going to Dr Jon’s inspirational talk on the science of Chiropractic, the idea it enables the body to do it’s own healing was so compelling I knew it was for me! I booked in for the examination followed a week later by Dr Jon’s report and assessment. How many treatments I would require before Dr Jon would expect me to feel improvement proved to be exactly right. In one month my energies were returning and my pain was lessening, and for the first time in 3 years I was able to drive myself to Plymouth for a pre-arranged appointment with my consultant. I took Dr Jon’s file with me and he was very receptive & delighted to see what chiropractic care was achieving for me.


Dr Jonathon has done for me what 3 years of conventional treatment could not; he has taken me from just ’existing’ to living life again. I now continue chiropractic on a maintenance basis . The positive energies, sense of fun, caring and listening skills make each visit a holistic experience, and with the kindness & cheer of  Dr Jon’s mother Marlaine (The practice Manager) and all of the team make the clinic a warm, healing and uniquely happy place to be! ”





I started chiropractic back in mid-April 2016 after being bullied by my caring daughter for over 5 years; she had noticed how badly my head was falling forwards, putting excessive strain on my spine.


I have suffered from pain since I was 15 years old, and to a degree I learned to live with it - that is with the help of modern medicine. My daily intake of pills was excessive and my mobility was at it’s very worst (I could not even put on my socks without help from my partner). On the 19th April I trotted down to see Dr Jon, and it was the best thing I have ever done.


Now, some 2 months later, my spine is pretty straight and I have more movement than I had ever thought possible. My quality of life is getting better by the day and the pain levels are starting to drop. I get a good night’s sleep these days, my digestive system is functioning better and my energy levels are improving all the time.


I even did a spot of gardening recently; something I have not been able to do for  a couple of years!


Thank you, Dr Jon, for giving me my life back.   




After suffering with back pain for 40 years and three operations on my spine, I really believed the medical profession saying that there was no help available and I would gradually progress into old age with increasing limited mobility.


My hips were beginning to hurt, along with my neck and other symptoms; I felt like I was ‘falling apart’. That was until a friend at Pilates told me about Dr Jon and Chiropractic care. I came along, one Monday afternoon, admittedly a little sceptical, to the talk and it appeared there was a life-line and a hope that my body could heal itself.


I grasped chiropractic and I haven’t looked back! My posture has improved dramatically and the hip pain has  disappeared. Although I do suffer periodically with lower back pain the time it takes to heal has improved. A recent episode I had only took a week to get over instead of the normal 6 weeks plus!


I now have a new approach to life, one of optimism and confidence in my body’s ability to heal and I look forward to living a full and active life in retirement.


So thank you to Dr Jon and his wonderful, welcoming team, for becoming an important part of my life.”


Long and winding road…


It was exactly one year ago when I first contacted this wonderful clinic and the brilliant Dr Jonathan Clarke (Chiropractor) and his amazing team who work and support him.


 I had so much daily pain in my shoulder and neck leading to lack of flexibility in my left hand and arm. I was so worried that nothing could be done to alleviate the pain.


I had been in pain for over five years and it had got to a stage when I could no longer go out without painkillers, or go on any journey without pain, which was getting increasingly worse.


I came along to the introductory talk and decided that I wanted to sign up for a course of treatment.


At first I thought the adjustments might help, but as the weeks went on, although there were still times when the pain reoccurred, I began to have more faith and more belief that these procedures would help me. I enjoyed the weekly visits, and the occasional scans and the analysis about the progress that I was making.


I had been having treatment from The Saltash Chiropractic clinic for about 6 months, when I noticed that the pain in my shoulder /neck was reducing in frequency and then it ceased.  First I was counting the days, then the weeks and now after all this time I am still counting the months without pain.


I cannot explain how that feels except sheer relief.


Over the last five years, I have seen many professionals, and talked to many people about my problem; I had almost got to the point of thinking that I might have to live with pain for the rest of my life…


 However I am so pleased, no I am delighted that I contacted the clinic 12 months ago and agreed to the treatment that I have had.


Its been a long and winding road, but so happy to have found the door which has opened up a whole new world!



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