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Our Chiropractor, Dr Jon, has written a book!
The Happiness of Health


Although this has been in the pipeline for a while Dr Jon is thrilled to announce that he has now finished and published his first book:


The Happiness of Health

6 Simple, Practical Ways To Improve your HEALTH and HAPPINESS


Although he's pretty sure that Universal Studios aren't going to be buying the rights anytime soon, he's still very proud to have created something which so many people can benefit from and enjoy reading.


So what's it about?....


Well here's the blurb on the back cover...


The Happiness of Health - The current medical approach to health is centred around 'sick-care' - you have to be ill to first receive care. Changing this current mindset in the current health system requires a different approach to medical education and research, as well as those regarding health policies. Going forwards, whilst we truly feel the need to make a change to a patient-centred, whole person, 'health care' approach - let us focus on keeping people healthy, rather than wait for them to get sick.


The role of a primary contact practitioner should be that of a health coach, driving attitudes and behaviours to maintain health and optimise well-being; and this through a co-ordinated, multi-disciplinary approach. Information is the keystone to making this change, not merely the conclusion of a diagnosis.


The vital principles covered in this book to help you to achieve your Health goals are:


H – Happiness of Health at Saltash Chiropractic

E – Exercise

A – Attitude Shift

L – Living Food

T – Time

H – Hydrate


The most important takeaway from this book is that you have to take responsibility for your own health by nurturing your body and mind. And that starts with making the right choices.


...If you're keen to get your hands on a copy (and how could you not be) then you can purchase your very own paperback copy on Amazon here:

When you buy from Amazon, would you do us the highest honour and leave a review, so others too might discover the Happiness of Health.


You can also purchase a paperback copy at the front desk and receive a 45% discount.


For our younger patients (it's also available on Kindle)...

Dr Jon Book
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