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Eighth times the charm!

Well there we go…. Eighth times the charm. 😇🎉

I’m happy to report the procedure has finally taken place. Phew!!

Thank you for all your kind wishes, and collective crossed fingers. They all paid off.

The team here have been fantastic and I’m being well looked after. Considering the storm wind and rain outside I clearly picked a good night for a hospital sleep over. Haha

I’m just a little groggy from the morphine and my wrists are a bit beaten up from all the equipment threaded through them but otherwise all good. 😊

This means now of course that I will be off the next two weeks and the team will be in contact with you all to confirm this after the weekend. I will be back in from Monday 4th September.

The rest of the team will be in the clinic throughout the next 2 weeks looking after you all as they always do so wonderfully well, and of course our amazing Sports Therapist, Connor, will be seeing clients, and available to offer guidance and support if the need arises. Please call the clinic on 01752 845451 to book in with him.

See you all soon

Dr Jon.

Your ‘on the road to recovery myself’ Chiropractor!

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Been thinking of you Jon, hope you’re recovery goes well and we’ll see you up and at them in no time x


You're in our prayers, Jon

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