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  • Dr Jon Clarke (Chiropractor)

6 Main Types of Neck Pain, Home Remedies & Professional Help for Neck Pain Relief!

Updated: Aug 25, 2020

Diagnose Neck Pain in Saltash

If you’re suffering from neck pain it may bring you some comfort knowing you are not alone. In fact, at Saltash Chiropractic Clinicneck pain is the second most common reason people visit us for help, only beaten by lower back pain.

It is said that by the time you hit middle age between 30% and 50% of people will experience at least one bought of neck pain within a 12 month period.  (from the Epidemiology of Neck Pain). In Saltash alone, this means there could be between 5,000 and 8,000 people experiencing neck pain each year.

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Although not all neck pain is equal it is highly unpleasant and can have a significant impact on someone's happiness, family life and work life.

Some people experience a dull ache so intense the need to 'self crack' is almost limitless.

Some people experience sharp stabbing pains where they cannot turn their head in it’s full range making things like driving difficult or even dangerous.

Some people experience a ‘crick’ in the neck.

Some people’s neck pain is so unpleasant that it causes headaches and migraines.

Some people simply cannot get comfortable when trying to sleep which then affects their mood for days and week.

No matter what experience you have with your own neck pain… it’s not fun.

In this article, we hope to shed light on causes of neck pain, the types of neck pain you may be experiencing, and how you could become free from neck pain.

Understanding Your Neck

To fully understand why we experience the pain we do it will help to have even a basic understanding of your neck and how it is made up.

Get to Know Your Neck

Your neck is the start and top of the spine and spinal cord containing 7 of the spine’s vertebrae, known as the cervical spine. These vertebrae help support the skull, move the spine and protect the spinal cord.

Each vertebra is numbered starting from the top being C1. C1 is also known as the ‘atlas’. This then follows onto C2 to C7.

Why is knowing this important? If you are to see a professional about your neck pain they may start talking about something like ‘the compression between C3 and C4 is a cause for concern’, this basic understanding gives you a bit more of an idea about what they are talking about and doesn’t leave you in the dark.

Note: If you do seek professional help about your pain and they say something you don’t quite understand do ask them to clarify it. It is their job to tell you everything you need to know in a way you can best understand it. We do our best to never leave our patients in the dark or confused about what is going on.

Around the seven vertebrae, the neck is made up of a complicated, strong and efficient combination of muscles, fascia and flexible ligaments that give us the relatively large amount of movement we are used to.

With any complicated system, things can go wrong and we can then experience neck pain. There are 6 main types of neck pain you may have to deal with.

The 6 Main Types of Neck Pain

The Most Common: Muscle Pain & Muscle Spasm