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Fibromyalgia: Find Your Smile Again!

We Are Serious About Supporting Those With Suffering Caused By Fibromyalgia.

We know, we’ve heard it too “There’s no cure for fibromyalgia!”

While there may be no CURE, the suffering from fibromyalgia can certainly be improved. Significantly improved.

In a 2009 medically indexed review of no less than 120 scientific papers on fibromyalgia, Dr Michael Schneider concluded “Several nonpharmacologic treatments and manual-type therapies have acceptable evidentiary support in the treatment of FMS.”

So if you’ve been told “nothing can be done” or “there is no evidence that it can get better” that simply isn’t true. And this is why we see people suffering with fibromyalgia start to smile again.

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If you’re absolutely 100% sure that fibromyalgia can’t get better then please read no further, don’t waste your time.

But if you’re open to the idea that something can be done to make it better then read on.

Fibromyalgia is characterised by widespread pain, persistent fatigue, non-restorative sleep, and generalised morning stiffness. People with it can wake in the morning feeling like they haven’t slept at all, even if they went to bed early and got a full night’s sleep. No single medication has been found to effectively control all the symptoms, and people suffering with Fibromyalgia can find themselves taking a large combination of different medications which often have little impact on how bad they feel.

Unsurprisingly the number of tender areas associated with Fibromyalgia often leads to depression, fatigue, disability, pain, and general weakness.

However, there are different ways to deal effectively with Fibromyalgia for most people. They’re safe, and don’t require any medication, injections or surgery.

We understand fibromyalgia because we deal with it every day, it’s one of the things we’ve specialised in co-managing for the last 12 years.

We offer a New Patient Experience that is an opportunity for us to hear what a person with fibromyalgia has been experiencing, and then help determine what might be done to alleviate some of the symptoms.

Many people are surprised to learn that a combination of therapies can significantly reduce the symptoms of fibromyalgia as they have never been offered these solutions before.

If we uncover that a person’s fibromyalgia can get better then we are able to make further recommendations to have the problem properly profiled - there is a cost to this if proceeding but there is a very large discount on offer following the link in this post – it is an opportunity to go through a carefully selected and fully-explained, painless, non-invasive and very accurate set of tests.

We love to help people get the answers they’re looking for. Read about Christine’s experience with us:

“I started receiving chiropractic care 8 weeks ago. I chose chiropractic care after 2 people that I had met were thrilled with their improvements after starting care at Saltash Chiropractic Clinic.

I have experienced a gradual reduction in my symptoms which I have found very reassuring and I have understood, through their educational efforts that chiropractic can be a lifetime choice to maintain wellbeing and is not just a 5 minute fix.

The results have occurred at the expected rate and I look forward to future improvements as I continue my care.”

Christine, Saltash.

We will also discuss the causative problems usually associated with the fibromyalgia. We help people get the answers they’ve been looking for.

We know it can be a bit scary going somewhere for the first time. You can expect a very warm welcome and friendly staff. We will take the time to look after you.

We are located just off Saltash town centre and there is easy access from the local bus stops, it’s a snip to get to us.

What's the next step? Get help by registering here:

Creating Happy, Healthy Families: Save 75% off your Consultation....Click Here

This is an excellent opportunity, but we have limited consultation slots available until the end of this month so please register NOW to avoid being disappointed.

If you know someone with fibromyalgia then please make sure they get to see this article. And if you like to see natural ways to deal with health problems then please visit us regularly.

Saltash Chiropractic Clinic Treatment & Therapy

The Team at Saltash Chiropractic Clinic

After your consultation has taken place our highly experienced Chiropractor will analyse your results and create a thorough recommendation of care to help take you towards being pain-free.

Your Chiropractor will be able to answer any questions you have and put your mind at ease knowing you are in good hands. As each person is different we are unable to say in this article how much treatment you may need. Some need a few regular treatments over a short time, others need regular treatments over a longer time. It all depends on the real cause of your pain and how simple it is to treat. Since our doors first opened we have been able to help and care for over 4,000 people from across Saltash, Plymouth, Liskeard, Looe, South East Cornwall and west Devon .

We Hope This Has Been Useful… As you can see from the information above, there is still no cure for Fibromyalgia, however there are many potential solutions to managing many of the symptoms experienced. If you do want to discover what these solutions might be and you live in Saltash, Plymouth, Liskeard, Looe, South East Cornwall or West Devon or one of the surrounding areas then why not come to Saltash Chiropractic Clinic for a Consultation. You’ll be in good hands with our Chiropractor, Dr Jon. Normally Consultations cost £86.00 due to how in-depth and powerful the testing is, however, right now you can get the same consultation for only £21. Enter your name, number and email following the link below and one of our team will give you a call as soon as possible to get your Consultation booked.

Please DO NOT register unless you are going to come for the New Patient Experience. We have a long waiting list and many people who genuinely need our help. If you register and you don’t come you are blocking the opportunity for another person who really wants and needs help.

Click on this link and sign up online, we will do the rest:

Creating Happy, Healthy Families: Save 75% off your Consultation....Click Here


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